The insurance industry has gone to great expense to make insurance fun because, after all, it’s really about saving money, isn’t it?

The Aaron Rodgers discount, “Name Your Price” tool from Flo, good drivers save 40%, only pay for what you need, I only pay $19 a month…  Let’s see, that’s State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and I forgot that last ridiculous one.

They just want to sell you a policy.  See, you probably won’t have an accident, at least not while they are providing the coverage.  The insurance industry thinks that silly ads and promises of cheap rates sells policies.  Sadly, they are right.  Why are we so gullible?  When Allstate states that good drivers save 40%, why don’t we say “40% of what?”

I read about a young man who died in an auto accident and killed three other people.  The devastated parents not only lost a son but also had to worry about losing everything they owned as they bemoaned their auto policy with liability limits of only $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident.  The professional insurance advice must have come from the “Name Your Price” tool or maybe “good drivers save 40%.”

I think we all know that the outlet stores have the label, but the product is not the same as the full priced one on the rack in their main store.  When we purchase an insurance policy, we pay a lot of money and are given a piece of paper.  Quality service and advice comes long before a claim occurs.  For the same premium, you could have an insurance professional providing valuable advice as well.  Seek out the experienced insurance agent who cares about you and not the sale.