Most people have returned to a normal work life since the pandemic shut down…but what is normal now? Employers are still trying to determine what the workplace will look like going forward. What kind of permanent scar may have been left in the minds of employees and how will the stigma of these past
years affect the look and feel of the workplace?

There are many variables employers are dealing with…

Do we require all employees to be vaccinated?
Do we have everyone in the office at the same time or do we rotate parts of the team?
Do we require masks to be worn in the office?
What if someone refuses to get the vaccine or cannot for health reasons?
If some employees refuse vaccinations, how do we keep this medical information private?
What if employees now have a lack of daycare for children?
What if employees prefer to work remotely? Are we discriminating against other employees if we allow some to continue working remotely?

This is only the beginning of a very long list that employers need expert advice in order to navigate. The one very clear issue is that many employers are in a serious minefield that could easily lead to unhappy employees, unintended terminations, and potential discrimination suits.

Employment Practices Liability coverage may become extremely important should a problem arise. Claims for Discrimination, Harassment, and Wrongful Termination can come from both your employees as well as non-employees. In our current hyper-sensitive condition, these types of claims can come from people that our employees engage in the course of their work.

The next few years may be filled with new challenges for employers.

If you do not currently carry Employment Practices Liability coverage, please reach out to us so that we can provide you with a quote to consider.