If you live in a climate with snowy winters, you’ll most likely be putting your motorcycle away for the season.

Your bike is an investment of your finances and your time, and it’s important to think about keeping it clean and safe while the weather is cold and snowy. When you prepare your motorcycle for storage, keep these helpful tips in mind to ensure it’s in tip-top shape for next year!

Please note: You should also follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for any other winterizing requirements not mentioned in this article.

  • Clean it up
    Give your bike a good wash and wax and cover it with a breathable cloth cover. This will protect your bike from dirt, dust or other airborne matter in your garage.
  • Gas it up
    Top off your tank and add the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer. Stabilizer prevents your fuel from breaking down and producing a brown residue that can coat your carburetor. Run your engine for a few minutes to circulate the treated gas. Since gas is flammable, do not store a motorcycle with a full tank of gas in an area where there is open flame, pilot lights, sparks or motors.
  • Change the oil
    Just before you put your motorcycle into storage, change the oil. Used oil that sits in your bike all winter becomes corrosive and can damage your motorcycle’s parts.
  • Check the coolant
    Since motorcycles are not used in freezing temperatures, many riders overlook the use of coolant. Use a floating-ball device to check if your coolant level is sufficient to resist freezing. If it’s low, always add according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Charge the battery
    Remove your battery, store it at a temperature above 32 degrees and trickle-charge it once a month. If you’re able to run the bike once a month, leave the battery in the bike and disconnect the negative cable end.
  • Remember the tires
    If you can manage it, store your bike off the ground. If you can’t do this, make sure the tires are properly inflated, set the bike on its stand and rotate the front and back tires every so often to avoid flat spots.

By taking the time to properly prepare your motorcycle for storage, you’ll save more time in the spring when you want to take your bike out on the open road. Stay safe, and ride on!