Yesterday, a client of mine opened a letter from her insurance carrier explaining her homeowner’s coverage. There was a black and white drawing of a family room with a sofa, TV, chairs, and a few other household items. My client wondered if the insurance carrier might be sending crayons next to color in the picture…

This is the dumbing down process undertaken by the insurance industry. Not much different from the TV ads placed by several major insurance companies. Let’s not be stupid. The insurance industry is selling a very carefully worded legal contract that has been updated countless times over the years to include only the coverage that the insurance company intends to provide.

Insurance professionals are the ones who make sure each and every one of their clients has proper coverage. The right insurance broker will be able to walk you through your policy and then take the time to explain the coverages.  Make sure you have the right coverage; talk to someone who understands the fine details.

Don’t look around for the crayons to color in a picture of what you have insured. Think about sitting down to talk with someone about your insurance questions and the details of your policy.  Sometimes it takes an insurance professional to make sure you’re fully covered.