Advising clients on the coverage they might be missing creates credibility. That’s why our years of expertise sets us apart from the guy that is pedaling policies. We care that you are covered properly.

There are, indeed, many insurance salespeople out there pedaling policies. I talked with an underwriter this morning about misclassifying trucks: big one-and-a-half-ton trucks misclassified as pickup trucks. She kind of naively said to me, “Why would an agent do that? You know, wouldn’t he want the commission on the bigger premium?”

However, that’s how he got the account. He found a way to make it as cheap as possible. That’s what they have to do because they don’t have anything else to offer. With the collective experience and knowledge that we have here at Garland-Sturges & Quirk, we have a lot more to offer people.

Your business produces all of the revenue that you use to pay your employees, pay yourself, grow your business, and grow your future retirement.  Don’t you think it is worth protecting properly?