“Representative,” she said.  “Representative,” she said firmly.  “Representative!” she yelled into the phone.  “Rep..re..sen..ta..tive,” she slowly enunciated into the phone.  Elizabeth was on the phone with an insurance company trying to get a real person in customer service.  Yes, this is the new amazing world of Artificial Intelligence.  Ask yourself, “Are you better off with this level of automation, or have you simply been relegated to a cost savings system for the insurance company as they have you do their work for them?”

Why would a multi-billion dollar insurance company want the average person to call a toll-free number or go online to secure a legal document that, if not a proper fit for the customer, could spell financial ruin at the one moment in time when the customer needs the proper coverage?

Why would a multi-billion dollar insurance company want the customer to deal with a claims professional that is accountable, trained to pay the minimum to settle, and managed by the insurance company?

Is it possible that some claims are improperly denied by a claims adjuster and the average person does not know their claim should actually be covered?

Does anyone really believe that removing the professional insurance agent from this process and directing the customer to a website or toll-free number is really to the benefit of the customer?  I seriously doubt it, however, we are sold on this wonderful DIY, as a convenience…

Every insurance professional has stories to tell about denied claims that got covered and mistakes discovered that, left unresolved, could have resulted in personal financial collapse for both individuals and businesses.  Let’s face it, pitting the untrained, inexperienced policyholder against a seasoned, well-trained claims adjuster will achieve reduced payouts for the insurance company.

Be sure that you secure your insurance coverage with an insurance professional that is working in your best interest.  Garland-Sturges & Quirk.