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May 10, 2022

$28,700 to the Wrong Guy

Can you imagine sending $28,700 to the wrong guy? When a perfect invoice with the correct amount shows up at the right time, it would be hard to know it was from a hacker….

April 21, 2022

Employment Practices

Several years ago, we set up insurance for a company in transition. We provided all the right coverage and had a starting date for the policies set just around the corner. This eager company started looking to hire a new CEO. They found the perfect candidate, interviewed the guy, and then wrote up an offer. Well, they soon realized they made a mistake trying to hire someone and rescinded their offer. Unfortunately, the guy they hired and then un-hired decided to sue them. They looked through their insurance and saw that their Employment Practices Liability didn’t start for another month. No one thinks to have Employment Practices Liability before they even have employees, but it’s important to make sure you’re…

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