Workers’ Compensation

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Worker's Comp - Risk Management - GSQAccidents happen… When they happen on the job, every employer is expected to carry Workers’ Compensation coverage for the benefit of their injured worker. The coverage is to pay for the medical costs and loss of wages subject to the levels and limits established by the State. In the unfortunate event of a work-related fatality, the policy will pay a set death benefit as long as there are dependents.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is one of the only coverage forms that is required by state law for each employer. Each state has their own Workers’ Compensation laws and because of this many employers do not realize that their existing policy will not provide the proper coverage should they hire an employee in another state. Some states require coverage even if you have no employees domiciled in the state but simply travel there for business reasons. Many very large fines have been levied by the state of New York against out-of-state businesses that simply sent employees to New York on business.

Be sure to check with us ahead of time if you have employees travelling out of the state.

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