Meet the Team

Business teamThere are countless reasons to choose GSQ for your insurance needs.

We’ve outlined a few of the most obvious reasons below:
  1. We fight for our clients to be sure the carriers deliver all that they promised.
  2. Clients benefit from our “no nonsense” professional advice that is direct and straightforward.
  3. We intervene on our clients behalf, when needed, to be certain claims technicians understand our client’s point of view.
  4. We intervene on our clients behalf to obtain corrections to any errors by the carriers on their final audits.
  5. Clients benefit from our many years of experience, knowledge, and insights.
  6. Clients benefit from the lowest and most competitive rates we obtain from the top companies in this business.

You benefit from our independent agency status

We have many different “A” Rated insurance carriers who offer many different products.

We are able to search the top carriers for your needs, in order to help you find the best at the least expensive premium.

Insurance is complicated. We’ll help you understand it and help you decide what protection you need to accomplish your goals in the most cost effective manner.

Insurance You Understand
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